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Our classrooms are divided by age.  We serve the following age groups:


Age 6 weeks to 16 months

Infants learn quickly through play and quickly develop relationships with nurturing infant room staff.  Some of the key areas of development that we focus on in the infant room are:

 Physical/motor development – moves head while lying on stomach, rolls over, pulls to sitting position, self supported sit, pulls to standing position, etc.

Social, emotional and personal development – imitates movements, laughs and smiles, plays independently for 10 minutes, etc.

Cognitive development – places objects into container, perform simple gestures on request, etc.

Communication development – repeats sounds made by others, responds to gestures with gestures, answers simple questions with nonverbal  gestures, use of sign language

Creative expression


Age 16 months - 2 Years

In the Toddler room every moment is considered to be an opportunity for learning.  We want each child to have fun while also learning.  We create activities to help develop a child’s mind and body, as well as a child’s social abilities. Some of the key areas of development that we focus on in the Toddlert room are:

    A wide variety of literature including poetry & hand rhymes
    Art projects that use  diverse materials and textures
    Music that is cultural and classic, along with many favorite children’s songs
    The use of imagination with dramatic play
    Discovering different materials such as rice and water (older children have access to sand)
    Math skills such as counting, measuring, matching, shapes and opposites
    Science experiments and an appreciation of nature
    Fine motor skills such as stringing cheerios and painting, etc.
    Large motor skills such as climbing and rolling a ball, etc.
    Circle time which includes colors, sign language, weather, etc.


Age 2-5 Years


Each child participates daily in periods of group activities, individual play, outdoor play, and quiet times.  Group activities include science, mathematics, social studies, English, Spanish, music and movement, games, circle time, story time, as well as simple letters, numbers, colors and shapes. All activities are developmentally appropriate and meet each child's physical, emotional, social and cognitive needs.  The imagination and curiosity of each child is valued.

Throughout each day we also focus on improving writing skills, letter recognition and letter sounds.  We touch upon critical thinking by having group discussions about various topics.  Social skills are very important and we achieve this through play and classroom rules.  The children are allowed free time to interact with each other inside and outside the classroom.  The children also learn self help skills and how to use proper words to express their feelings with each other.

School Age

5 years to 12 years

School age children are transported to and from school daily for districts that do not serve the area.  We transport to Powhatan Elementary and Pocahontas Elementary Schools.  All other county schools transport within this district.

Upon arrival to the center, children are given the opportunity to review for any tests, or projects due at school and our school age teachers are always available to answer any questions or review with the children pertinent information for the day.  When children return from school they are given the opportunity to complete all home homework assignments and have them checked by our teachers.  Teachers are also available to tutor and guide children through directions.

In the summer months we offer a "Summer Camp" for school age children that includes weekly themes, daily activities and weekly field trips.  Please refer to our summer camp tab for more information.

Infant Room

Toddler Room

Two Year Old Room

Three Year Old Room

Four Year Old Room

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